Welcome to my site!

I grew up just outside of Bloomington, Indiana, in a farmhouse built in 1850 on 22 acres of land. We had horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, cats and dogs, and various other animals. The landscape was a rich source of inspiration for drawing, writing and musical expression. I come from a very artistic family, and we made our own entertainment most of the time.

As children, my 3 sisters and I were always drawing and painting. In middle school, I began to sing and play the flute. In high school, I was involved in drama, musical theater, choir, band and orchestra. That was also the time when I began keeping a journal and writing on a regular basis.

For college, I went to New York City, earning a B.A. in English from Columbia University. Right after graduation, I moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I got my Master’s degrees in English and Music. I taught English at Berkeley City College for a while, and now teach private lessons in English and flute.

These days, I perform as a flutist and singer with a variety of ensembles, including Resonance Jazz Ensemble. I have CDs of jazz standards and my original compositions for sale on CD Baby.

I have written two novels, Playing Hooky and Close Enough for Jazz (both on Amazon), and have almost finished a third one. I’ve also written and developed two one-woman shows, Panic! and Driven Bananas, which I have performed around the Bay Area. My poetry and essays have appeared in many publications.

Many of my whimsical drawings and paintings have been turned  into greeting cards, which I sell locally. I hope to open a greeting card store on Etsy at some point. I find inspiration in animals and nature—particularly the landscape of California, with its succulents, cacti, year-round blooms and rolling hills. I did all the drawings that appear on this website.

When I’m not singing, playing flute, writing or drawing, I enjoy hiking with my husband and talking to my five cats.

(photo by Kenny Yun)


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